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Solid Rosewood and Elmwood

Not all rosewood furniture is equal. The wood itself is rare, very hard with fine lined grain. It is no longer found in China and is imported from Southeast Asia and Africa to makers in China. It is one of the densest and hardest of woods. Difficult to carve and carved by only experts. This lack of supply and needed expertise makes rosewood more expensive than Elmwood, Rubber wood, MDF with veneer or Pine. You may already know this but for those who may find this product at a lesser price, please be warned that not all furniture is solid rosewood.

Elmwood is a softer lumber than rosewood and native to northern China it is a medium density lumber that is denser than Pine. Its hardness is useful in making of table tops and cabinets. It is not as red as rosewood and stained in the brownish tones looking like teak, walnut or pecan. Used for centuries by furniture makers on all continents and prevails in cooler drier climates.

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