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5 Asian Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Master Bedroom

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5 Asian Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Master Bedroom

Asian decor is a wonderful way to transform your master bedroom into a zen sanctuary. Read on for 5 amazing ideas for re-imagining your room.

The master bedroom is perhaps the most important bedroom in your entire home. It's where you can get away from the stresses of life. Where you can let your hair down and really be yourself.

You want to make sure that your master bedroom creates a warm, tranquil feeling.

One of the best ways to create such a feeling is with Asian decor. It's beautiful, simplistic, and best of all, quite affordable.

Asia is one of the most gorgeous places on the planet, due in large part to its natural beauty. It's time your bedroom reflected the same feeling.

Read on to discover simple ideas to give you master bedroom an Asian makeover.

5 Asian Decor Ideas to Inspire Your Master Bedroom

1. Picking the Right Color Scheme

Your first step in creating a perfect, dreamy master bedroom is to create a cohesive color scheme. Traditional Asian decor relies on only natural and earthly hues.

To give your bedroom a unified color scheme, pick a color and run with it with all of your decors. This includes your bedspread and lighting.

Traditional Asian colors include deep, maroon reds, and light greens.

If you're planning on adding any foliage (we'll get to that in a bit) be sure to make sure it meshes with your color scheme.

2. Go With a Minimalist Approach

One of the key features of Asian decor is its minimalist design. In fact, this was one of our key components of creating a Zen bedroom.

If a master bedroom is too cluttered, it may feel less like a place of reprieve and more like a stressful environment.

All you really need are a few key pieces of furniture. Your standard bedroom should include:

  • A bed (ideally close to the ground, in accordance with traditional Asian style)
  • A nightstand or two
  • A dresser for your clothing
  • A rug to accentuate the room

One of the best things about Asian furniture is that it's relatively cheap. Since it relies on a minimalist approach, there's no need for excessive furniture.

3. Vintage Chests

Another key piece of furniture that's sure to tie your room together is a gorgeous wooden chest. These are a staple of traditional oriental decor.

If you don't want a large and cumbersome dresser in your master bedroom, you can use the chest for storage. Place it at the end of your bed instead of a traditional bench or footrest.

The best thing about a wooden chest is that it's as beautiful as it is practical. You can choose from different types of wood including oak and mahogany.

4. Paper Lanterns

Using paper lanterns in lieu of traditional lighting is a great way to give your master bedroom a majestic feel.

Best of all, they're pretty cheap. You should be able to pick up a paper lantern with a beautiful design for just a few dollars.

5. Picking the Perfect Foliage

If you're going to include foliage in your Asian inspired bedroom, you have a few great options.

The inclusion of a small zen garden in the corner of a room is a great way to give yourself a relaxing break from life.

You can also pick up small bamboo stocks. Some even believe that bamboo has a lucky meaning! It's all up to you and your specific tastes.

Great Decor at Great Prices

If you're looking for great Asian decor at great prices, you've come to the right place. Don't forget to use your 20% off coupon for a limited time!

And keep reading our blog for more great tips on creating the perfect atmosphere.

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