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Airy, Summer Spaces

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Summer's around the corner and it's time for airy spaces, a gentle breeze and lots of light!  Asian porcelains make the perfect complement for any style of environment.  The traditional blue calligraphy always dances across the white ground in dynamic complement to real organic floral forms, architectural elements, or the light they cast!

James Schettino Architects

15"H Oriental Blue and White Garden Stool

13" Chinese Blue and White Porcelain Ball Vase

Birds of Prey Courtyard Garden by Living

Blue and White Porcelain Garden Table with Stools

Antiqued Blue And White Calligraphy Ginger Jar

Burnham Design

Asian Hexagonal Ceramic Blue and White Garden Stool

Dragon Vase Blue and White Vintage


Chinese Antique Armoire Red Hand Painted Landscape

Hand Made Blue and White 24" High Chinese Lion Lid Jar


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Blue and White Porcelain Garden Table with Stools

Antiqued Blue And White Calligraphy Ginger Jars

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