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Be Creative

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In all our homes, we encounter spaces or corners that don't have a specific purpose or that we don't see their potential. How to get the most out of every corner of the house and give life to these spaces? Attics are spaces of great potential, but we often don't use this space due to the inclination of the roof, which makes it difficult to insert standard-sized furniture. But if we use our creativity, we can create with some simple touches a totally new area to enjoy with your family. Creativity can also enhance dull corners by adding some unique furniture pieces, such as a floor lamp or an Oriental screen. Really there is no written rule, follow your inspiration, invent and transform spaces, and surround yourself with the objects that you love everywhere. You can even create your own sculpture gallery under the staircase and enjoy the figures that you love every time you walk through.

Quality flooring

Chinese Pagoda Lamp Hand in Carved Lattice Grid 48" Tall

Asian Calligraphy Floor Screen

South Shore Millwork

Oriental Black Silk Embroidered Pillow Case

Oriental Red Calligraphy Pillow Case

MJM Design Company

Oriental Rosewood Carved Plant Stand 36 Inches

Chinese Kneeling Warrior Statue

Blake Civiello Architecture

Chinese Coffee Table Solid Elm Horse Hoof Leg 42" Square

8"h. Bronze Japanese Kyoto Buddha Statue

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Chinese Pagoda Lamp Hand in Carved Lattice Grid 48" Tall

Asian Calligraphy Floor Screen

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Too Much Is Just Enough

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Vintage Oriental

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Decorative Touches

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Layering in Interior Design

Modern, classic, and minimalist mixing these styles means understanding the space and wanting to add layers and depth to it to avoid a monotonous house decor. We can also bring together in the same room, antique and modern, despite how contrasting they are; they belong to a different period, but layering them together can create [...]

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A House We Love

The Neo-Country style has boomed in recent years; casual and cozy is the vibe whether you are referring to a farmhouse in the south of France, a villa in Toscana, or a ranch in Connecticut. It represents a side of modern country furniture style, revisited in a contemporary and elegant refined key. To use a [...]

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Accent Vases To Elevate Your Home

Furnishing the house with vases is a way to make your interiors original and design a space that improves your everyday moments. Vases have the extraordinary power to act as a point of attraction when we enter the room. Wherever placed, they inevitably attract attention!  Their particular elegant shapes we cannot avoid observing. Today, the decorative [...]

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Storage Solutions

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Design Tips For Small Bedrooms

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In The Deep Blue

There is something undeniably attractive about a house near the ocean, where to escape during summer. When you walk through the front door, you will wonder to find a bright and airy space, with a casual layering of furnishings made with natural materials, light touches of color, and decor accents mainly collected from nature. The [...]

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