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Craftsman Design

A craftsman house interior is characterized by handcrafted architectural designs and charming details. These homes are part of the craftsman-style movement that gained popularity during the arts-and-crafts movement in the early 20th century. Here are some key features that make craftsman interiors stand out:Natural Wood Materials: Craftsman homes emphasize natural materials. You’ll often find hardwood [...]

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Patterns and how to choose them or how to mix them. Often, when we see photos of certain houses where patterned furnishings enriched with imaginative textiles are trendy and where everything is creative but at the same time in perfect harmonious balance, we feel the desire to renovate our home too, perhaps focusing on unique [...]

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Kitchen Swoon

If you are curious and love to explore other people’s homes, then our weekly blog is what you are looking for. Get inspired by the creativity process of these beautiful Asian kitchens and interpret their visual language into yours. For a curated Asian approach, consider incorporating bamboo elements, rice paper lanterns, and earthy colors like [...]

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Game Rooms Refined

Designing a game room is a rather straight forward affair: consider a theme, choose a cohesive color scheme, invest in comfortable and functional furniture, set up proper lighting for gaming, and organize equipment storage for a well-designed game room interior. Create a social area with additional seating for friends and multiplayer gaming sessions. And then [...]

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Dynamic Nuance

Furnishing a room or the entire house using your favorite nuance or neutral color can be a winning move. That's right because a monochromatic environment can be easily customized following the new trend patterns or seasonal colors. A single-color room will become an excellent basis for indulging when inspiration knocks on your door. Total beige is [...]

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Accent your style!

Accent your space by introducing focal points, such as a statement piece of furniture, artwork, or a distinctive light fixture. Play with contrasting colors or textures to create visual interest. Consider using accent walls or bold patterns in specific areas. Use eye-catching items like unique vases, artwork, or Oriental floor screens to draw attention to [...]

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New York Loft

Contemporary loft design has become a captivating expression of modern living, blending industrial aesthetics with sleek functionality. Characterized by open spaces and high ceilings, these lofts create an expansive atmosphere that encourages a seamless flow between different areas. One of the hallmarks of contemporary loft design is the integration of natural light. Large windows or [...]

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Asian Icons

Looking for a fresh start for 2024? We have put together some of our favorite Oriental icon pieces for your inspiration. Incorporating icon pieces into interior design can elevate the aesthetic of a space. Whether it's iconic furniture, art, or decor items, they can serve as focal points and conversation starters, contributing to a unique [...]

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Interior Highlights of 2023

Bold hue walls, organic curves furniture, and neoclassicism are all elements that highlight this year's interior design trends. Colorful walls can give a space a deep and warm feel, while beautiful vintage handmade pieces provide character to a room! Of course, white walls never go out of style, but in 2023, they have been layered [...]

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Tie your holiday decor with a bow!

This year, we see many non-traditional holiday decorations, mainly bows; bows are everywhere and on everything, from your Christmas tree to candle holders and on every home decor you can imagine. Now that the holidays are here, the bow trend has reached new heights. This trend has something to do with being nostalgic: it takes us [...]

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