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How to Take Care for Your Furniture

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Furniture is universal and is something that we all have in our daily lives. It fills a need or desire and comes in many different shapes, materials, and origins. From a price-less antique to something that is recently purchased; proper care is important because it is an investment and is something that makes your house a home.

As a 4th Generation Furniture Restorer, I have been asked by many what is the best way of caring and the upkeep of furniture. There are simple ways to keep your furnishings in great shape in which I will go into detail. If a piece of furniture is in good condition, only Lemon Pledge with a fine cloth should be used along the surfaces. Avoid oils, waxes, and creams. These will cause build up in the finish and will attract dirt and pet dander.

Waxes, oils and creams should only be used if the piece has been cleaned properly with a furniture wash, or Windex with a fine steel wool used as an abrasive. Then these materials can be applied to the finish of the wood. This method can be used for all types of finishes except for high gloss painted lacquer finishes. If there is discoloration in the finish, or damage to the finish, then restoration is needed by a professional. Same goes to any damage “water, fire, structural damage” that may occur. 

Lacquers, Oils, and Varnishes used in furniture production today have great durability and can last up to 70 years in a controlled environment. So there is no need for excessive polishing. I suggest that regular dusting and polishing no more than twice a year. Avoid industrial cleaners, alcohols, and solvents when caring for your furniture because these will cause discoloration, damage to the finish, and the integrity of the piece.

Furniture is something that is used and serves as a function, so it will endure imperfections and damages which will have to be address. Repairs and restorations to a piece will not affect its value if done properly. People may have heard from a popular television show on PBS that if restoration is done then the value will go down. Museums and galleries use restores to keep their pieces in pristine condition. So why have to live with a broken bed because it will “go down in value” if fixed. It does make much sense.

As the head furniture restoration at Oriental Furnishings in Norwalk, CT, I would love to answer questions that you may have about your heirlooms and furniture needs. We are a family business with over 30 years experience in furnishings and décor. Come see us 7 days a week at our 602 West Ave. location or call us at 877-674-4542.

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