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Where Can I Restore My Asian Furniture?

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If you need to restore your new or antique Asian furniture, all you need to do is visit Oriental Furnishings in-store in Norwalk Ct. Your antique or contemporary Asian furniture piece is unique and rare and worth restoration. All it takes now, in order to maintain that beauty, it`s just a few minutes of your time, following our suggestions on how to take care of your Asian furniture.

What is so unique about that piece you just acquired, you wonder? Well, you know it`s the style but what you don`t know is that most of them are hand made, customized and not mass-produced! It`s not a common table from Ikea- and you`re glad it`s not, aren`t you? 

Yes, but maybe you wonder what if your unique Asian piece needs some repairs, would you have to take a trip to China and find the man who built it? 

oriental wall screen

We thought about that and you can bring it to us, because since 1984 we learned everything is to know about Asian furniture from its original source. We traveled to China to see, pick the best products and learn about finishings, manufacturing techniques and restorations. 

Does your chairtable, or bed need some restoration? 

 Well, there is no better man for that than Alex, our expert in refinishing and restoring any type or style of furniture. 

 We know that sometimes they mean more than wood for you and we can make sure you will not lose that sentimental value, that is priceless!

Alex brought back to life a screen panel like the one on the left here and restored and secured not only the colors but also our customer memories that were inlaid between the lacquers.

You don`t have to worry anymore and  wonder if you should buy that bombe-style chest with real gold leaf, that you saw at www.orientalfurnishings.com, because now we can offer refinishing and services to our clients in the NY Tri-State area with specializing in Asian furnishings. 

We can help you maintain it, restore it and all you have to do is enjoy it!

For estimates please call us at 203-853-7553 or email us at info@orientalfurnishings.com. We are located at 602 West Ave Norwalk CT 06850. 

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